“Colorado Springs Basement Finishing At Its Finest”

“Basement Building Brainstorm…The Perfect Process To Finishing Your Basement”

 "Basement Building Brainstorm…The Perfect Process To Finishing Your Basement"

If you are finding yourself pressed for space, you may be considering finishing your basement. You can take it from a dank, dark area that nobody wants to be in to a rec room, perfect for entertaining family and friends. This can be done instead of making an addition to the house if you find you are expecting another child or a mother in law.
If you`re interested in finishing off your basement, this could be the most important message you will ever read.

Thousands of families have successfully completed home remodeling projects and the number grows larger every year. Now`s the time to get started!

The problem is a universal one for, sad to say, most families are bursting out of their dwellings. Like never before, we now have the time and money for elaborate part time activities. All sorts of hobbies are booming. The paraphernalia that goes with them is starting to engulf us. When you add on the inevitable accumulation of odds and ends that seems to build up almost magically, half the households in this nation are about to explode through the front door.

Before you go hog wild at the lumber yard, take the time to do a decent job of planning the remodeling. Not only will you be able to lop a fat hunk of cash off the material bill, but you`ll wind up with a far nicer looking job. Like any big business enterprise, break the planning up into several stages, from dreams to decisions. This includes finding the perfect contractor with great references, valid licenses and better business bureau membership.

First, gather the entire family together and think big. Spare no expense, time or labor in your preliminary dreaming. Unleash your imagination, forget about money restrictions. Include all the various ideas that you have culled from friends` homes, the clips that you`ve saved from magazines, the ideas you`ve dreamed about. This freewheeling gambit serves a practical purpose. To an amazing degree many of these wild dreams can actually be included in the finished job. Scaled down or changed they may be, but the central idea and the satisfaction will remain.

When you have gathered together this mass of notes, clippings, sketches and ideas, shift your imagination into lower gear. Now is the time to decide exactly what purpose the space will serve. If a portion of the room will be turned into a storage area, there`s no need for elaborate preparations, lighting, finishes, etc. All you really want here is dry, usable space. If part of the area will be a laundry, then you want better light, proper floor drainage, a nicer finish on the walls and simple but sturdy cabinets and counters etc.

Carefully planned and conscientiously built, the basement should be as handsome, inviting and cozy as the rest of your house.  Find the “real” local expert and meet with them to discuss bringing your ideas to life.

Hiring the proper professional will be worth it on every level, including the most important…resale! When you meet with an expert after you have had your “family brainstorm session” they will bring up many things that you have never thought about or considered because after all they are the specialists and they have seen it all! This will both good and bad…good because it will save a ton of time and puts you on the road to completion. Bad because you may not get to have the wet bar where you originally wanted it.
Bottom-line…you can do a lot of planning and strategizing, but the immediate step right after this one should be finding the ideal basement professional especially just as all of your ideas, questions and concerns are fresh in your mind.
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“Choosing the Right Contractor”

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If it’s not broke, don’t fix it…If it’s not finished, then finish it! (your basement)

-The Basements Etc. Incorporated Team

“Basement Buyers Beware!”

Watch Out
Protect Yourself from Getting Burned
It is sad, but true. Home improvement contracting is risky business … maybe the riskiest business in America. Consider:

  • Americans spend over $120 billion each year on home improvement projects.
  • Problems with home improvement contractors rank in the top three categories of consumer complaints year after year.
  • Including part-timers, there are half a million remodeling contractors in the U.S. Over half of them go out of business each year and over 90% every five years.
  • Industry consultant Walt Stoeppelwerth estimates that half of all homeowners who use remodeling contractors are completely dissatisfied with the work they receive. Only 20% are completely satisfied.
  • The problem is big enough that the Federal Trade Commission, the Better Business Bureau, virtually every State Attorney General, and numerous consumer groups and agencies publish warnings and guidelines for home improvement contracting.

You Know About The Rip-Off Artists
They are the ones you read about in books, articles, web sites and other consumer protection guides. According to the Journal of Consumer Affairs, the most common fraudulent practices include:

  • Charging high prices for low quality materials.
  • Misrepresenting the work to be performed or the materials to be used.
  • Using deceptive pricing.

If you do your homework and follow a few simple steps, you can usually avoid most of these characters. But here is the scary part:

The Biggest Risk Is Harder to Spot
A far greater risk to you, because there are more of them and they are harder to spot, is the group of contractors that author Tom Philbin calls "the bad good guys".

These are the mostly well-intentioned contractors who simply don’t know what they are doing in one way or another. This may include craftsmanship, business skills or both. But regardless of cause, if incomplete or substandard work results, you that pay the price:

  • You spend a ton of money…and it still feels like a basement when it is done.
  • Your contractor disappears in the middle of the job.
  • Subcontractors don’t get paid and you wind up liable for mechanics’ liens.
  • You are peppered with costly change orders for all the stuff your contractor didn’t anticipate when the job was bid.
  • You tear your hair out trying to force your contractor to do what he said or finish what he started.
  • You pay $42,600 for $29,500 worth of work.
  • You sell your home and get next to nothing back in resale value.

So you see, it’s easy to get burned…even when you think you are dealing with the good guys.

Be smart and educate yourself before you start dealing with any contractors.  Always check references and previous work.

Until next time,

If it’s not broke, don’t fix it…If it’s not finished, then finish it! (your basement)

-The Basements Etc. Incorporated Team

“Basement Finishing Ideas, Thoughts And Things To Consider…”

Your basement can be the most diverse area in your home. What should you include? Many people include a bathroom, bedroom, game room, storage room, and a home theater if your budgeting allows. If you need a place for your book collection or a spare room for your guests, your basement may be among your best bets. What are other ideas for getting the most use of your basement? Lets answer this question while ensuring we fit your personality and your individual lifestyle.

Library or Shelving

Basements are quiet areas. What a good spot for a reading room! Snuggled in your newly finished basement you now have the chance to enjoy your favorite books in peace and quiet. You still are inside your home just in case you are wanted upstairs.

Make sure your books are away from the window light to avoid sun exposure. Ceiling lighting is almost always needed inside the basement, so be sure to plan out your light fixtures to illuminate your basement lighting correctly. Mix strong task lighting with direct ambient lighting. Look over the light bulb packages and lighting fixture boxes at your supply store if you do not have the time to look up the definition of lighting and the lighting terms I stated seem like another language!

Movie Room

The movie room also called the home theater or entertainment room is among the most popular in finished off home basements. Proper Planning is essential before the basement finishing off process starts. Speaker wiring, cable wiring, and electrical wiring all need to be included prior to having any work done.

Wine cellar

Basements are often including the option of a Wine Cellar. Do you have a large collection of wine? Consider having something larger than a shelf for storing your bottles. Having an entire room designated for this very purpose is a very intriguing and fascinating idea indeed! It actually is quite simple to achieve adding this delicacy to your home. Basements are usually cool and dry. This is the environment needed to keep wines. Ideal temperatures range within 48 to 56 degrees Fahrenheit.

Home Work Out Area

This area has cluttered many a basement that was just too small for including it. Often a membership to your local YMCA (No Affiliation so I Hope I’m O.k. with stating this in my article) "Y" "M" "C" "A", the "Y" "M" "C" "A" … O.K. enough singing.

When basements are large enough, you may transform basements into fitness centers. Basements including treadmills, or lots of fitness equipment, can easily fit into your space with the right planning. Home sauna’s are now popular in basements for when the work out is complete. They can be bought pre-made, equipped with your favorite C.D. or players, and use regular electrical outlets for power.

Recreation and Family Rooms

Living rooms in basements are wonderful areas to hang out. Keep in mind people also use this basement area for entertainment purposes. A separate family room will allow your family to engage in different activities and relax without having to worry about keeping it in Tip Top shape if someone should happen to stop in. If you have small children, a carpeted floor or rugs are ideal for a play areas.

Hope this helps – Sincerely wishing you remodeling success!

Until next time,

If it’s not broke, don’t fix it…If it’s not finished, then finish it! (your basement)

-The Basements Etc. Incorporated Team