The Company:

Basements Etc. LLC was established in 1997 in the beautiful city of Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Today, just as it started, Basements Etc. is a family owned and operated business.  Basement Etc. LLC. has completed over 325+ basements from scratch with a broad clientele residing all over El Paso County. 

“We have been in this city for a long time focused solely on our customers.  Our work and expertise speaks for itself.  We have worked exclusively from referrals since the start of our business in 1997.  That is why we have led the basement business in this city for so long.  That’s a bold statement but just ask around.  Talk to our customers, regional building department and anyone we have worked with; they will tell you.  We have never spent any time, money or energy on marketing or advertising.  As a matter of fact, we just got online for the first time!  I set out to build relationships and quality basements, which is exactly what our company still does 18 years later.”      –Ron Sheets, Founder and Director

Basements Etc. Incorporated has created a culture in the construction business with full focus on basement finishing.  They beat out their competition on every level: a 2 year ironclad warranty, 2 day estimate delivery pledge and the 40 day completion guarantee to name a few.  Basements Etc. LLC is a hands on company.  Ron Sheets, the founder does 90% of the work and is in attendance 100% of the time.  “Most companies sub-contract everything out,” Ron says.  In an industry that typically gets a bad rap with many “fly-by-nighters,” Basements Etc. has set out to change that with a new standard in craftsmanship, reputation and relationships.

The Mission: 

To continue the standard we have created in the basement- finish industry by providing beyond compare client service based on integrity, matchless craftsmanship behind every nail, and delivery of our “Five Unbeatable Promises.” (see homepage for details.)

The Goal: 

To over-deliver, making your basements finish a fun, enjoyable and rewarding process at a competitive price.

About Ron Sheets, Founder and Director:

Ronald Sheets, self proclaimed to be the first in this city to build a business focused solely on the “basement” niche.  “There wasn’t anyone doing basements when I first started, my only competition was a random builder here and there,” says Ron.  Ron, always crafty with his hands, has held many positions that have attributed to the business he has created from scratch.  Along with many other jobs he has worked, Ron is a master fabricator in wood working.  He has always used his meticulous skill-set and sense of detail to create furniture and cabinetry.  He loved woodworking, building china cabinets, sheds, play houses for his daughter and adding additions to his own home in his spare time after work and on weekends.   One day, he decided to undertake a project that he had never done before and would change his life forever: his own basement.  This is where it all started.  He enjoyed the project so much that he wanted another.  The second, third and forth were those of near-by family members and friends.  After getting his contractor’s license, he began establishing relationships, building his tool collection and lining up work from referrals. 

“The word about my work was spreading like wildfire; I had to put people on a waiting list.” Ron recalls.   

Ron has made his business a family affair by getting his two kids, father and supporting wife involved. 

“My love for the finish trim and detail work drove me to takeover the entire process.  Seeing the project all the way through: from laying out blueprints and popping the chalk to the woodwork in the wet bar and the mantel on the rock fireplace… if I build it from scratch, I know everything is square,” Ron says. 

The artistry you see when Ron is finished with a basement is all accredited to the hard work and detailed attention that is behind all the paint, texture and drywall. 

Ron says: “People don’t often realize that if you are slightly off from the very beginning in a layout, or anywhere at any time for that matter, it will show at the very end and most likely grow!  It’s not something that you want to have to fight or hide after all the walls are set and covered.  A perfect example is the builders foundation, 9 out of 10 of these foundations are not square.  You cannot layout a basement floor-plan from there, but you have to get square from somewhere, that’s why layout is so crucial.”   

He is fueled by his love for his craft and the challenge different projects produce.  He eats, sleeps and dreams basements. 

Ron recalls: “There have been numerous times that I have been in the middle of a project and hit a wall with a situation.  Maybe there is a soffit in the way or a crooked foundation wall that I have to build off of.  It requires me to get really creative and it’s consumes my mind until I reach the perfect conclusion!  I have reached these conclusions many times in my sleep, I’ll wake up with the ideal answer or scenario.” 

Ron is well known for his precise concentration to detail; he is a meticulous craftsman who takes pride in his work.  He will not put his name on anything that is short of perfection.  Working solely from a place of integrity, he constructs every job the same way that he did 18 years ago when he did his own basement. 

Every one of his customers is a Client; there is a BIG difference between a customer and a “CLIENT.”  Which one would you rather be?

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Meet the Founder

Ron Sheets

Position: Founder, Director
Phone: 719-491-0075
Years in Business: 18+ Years
Years in Industry: 30

Ron's Skill Sets

  • Layout | Framing
  • Drywall | Texture/Paint
  • Woodworking
  • Trim | Tile
  • Faux Rock | Cabinetry