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Sam Richmond, Colorado Springs, Co.

Suzie Hatfield, Colorado Springs, Co.

Ted Lizza, Colorado Springs, Co.

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We Have Been Serving Colorado Springs and El Paso County for Over 18 Years.

We Believe in Doing Things Different. 
We Don’t Have Customers, We Have Clients.

Our Track Record & Time in Business Prove it, but Here’s Real Reasons to Consider Us:



    • FREE In-Home Consultation and Estimate
    • (Claim Your Free Estimate & Consultation by clicking the "Estimate" tab above)
    • 2 Day Estimate Delivery Pledge
    • (Guaranteed to be in Your Hands in 2 Days or Less, after Consult)
    • 40 Day Basement Completion Guarantee
    • (Finished in 40 Days or Less! Note:custom fixture orders may alter completion time)
    • Estimate Price Promise
    • (No Surprises on Your Final Bill. If it's in Your Estimate, it's in the final price. Note: doesn't include custom add-ons)
    • 2 Year Ironclad Warranty
    • (Warranty on Construction of Your Basement for 2 Years from Completion Date)



  • We Are Licensed, Insured And Referenced
  • All Required Sub-Labor Is Licensed, Insured And Referenced
  • Lien Wavers Provided From ALL Sub-Labor  
  • Handle ALL Permits And Oversee ALL Inspections
  • Thorough Floor Plan Created, Quarter-Inch Scale
  • 3-Tier Payment Plan: 1-Down Payment, 2-Mid Job, And 3-Finishing Point



  • Sanitary Footwear Worn When We Are In Your Home
  • No Restroom Use Onsite Ever!
  • Seal Vents And Passages To Prevent Dust And Vapors From Circulating Home
  • Enter and Exit Through Window Wells Only
  • Key Locks Installed Locking off Basement Worksite From The Rest Of The Home
  • Daily Cleanup, Sweep Of Work-Site And Storage Of Tools
  • 24 Hour On-Call and E-mail Support



  • References Provided, Our Clients Love To Talk About Us… We’ll Give You Their Phone Number
  • Visit Previous Jobsites, Our Clients Will Open Their Basement To You For Viewing 
  • Family Owned and Operated Since Day 1
  • Established In 1997, 18 Years+ Serving Our Clients
  • Over 325+ Basements Completed To Date
  • Better Product Pricing through Reputable Relationships
  • A+ Member Of The Better Business Bureau
  • Excellent Standing With Regional Building Department And Inspectors
  • Serve Entire Colorado Springs Area And El Paso County